Ross S. Stein

Stein is an internationally recognized earthquake scientist who has worked extensively in Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, France, Switzerland, and Italy. In his public speaking, Stein blends stories, humor, demos, slides, and animations to bring the excitement of scientific discovery, and the importance of earthquake risk, home to the audience, all delivered in language they will understand.


Almost everything we love about California is brought to us by the faults: Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay, Lake Tahoe, Hollywood Hills, and the Los Angeles Basin. We enjoy the fruits of the faults every day, and so we must learn to live with their occasional spoils—as befell California in 1906, 1989, and 1994.

- Ross S. Stein

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Public Speaking

Stein was a 2015-2016 presenter in the MPSF Speaker Series in the S.F. Bay area, giving 4 presentations to a total of 8,000 attendees, and scored as one of the top three speakers in the past 5 years. His overall score was 95%. Some 97% said they would recommend him to a friend.

An outstanding job of explaining a scientific subject to an audience of non scientists.
— 2016 MPSF survey

2012 TEDx Bermuda, 'Defeating Earthquakes' 

He showed us how a really good teacher can make a very complicated subject understandable and allow us to enjoy the experience.
— 2016 MPSF survey
Ross was one of the best speakers we’ve had. He was informative, had a great speaking style, had very helpful props and was terrific all around.
— 2016 MPSF survey


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