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While we cannot predict earthquakes, we know where and why the hazard is high. And we know how to erect buildings that can withstand anything the faults can hurl at them. - Ross S. Stein


Absent the San Andreas and Hayward faults, there would be no San Francisco Bay,

the only deep protected harbor on the California coast, and so the wellspring of the Gold Rush. The San Gregorio fault makes Big Sur ‘big.’  A bend in the San Andreas thrust up the Santa Cruz mountains, the spine of the peninsula, and the Marin headlands. These coastal ranges temper our climate, bathe us in fog, and crown us in Redwoods.


Earthquakes are a nearly invisible threat—until they strike, and become all-consuming.

We must find a place between denial and panic where we recognize the risk we are taking, reduce what we can, and prepare for the rest. Because we cannot predict earthquakes, we must build not just to survive them, but to thrive despite them. This we can do.  

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  • 2017-2018 International Distinguished Lecturer for the Geological Society of America

  • 2020 Distinguished Lecturer for IRIS and the Seismological Society of America



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5-min talk (600 attendees)
2018 American Geophysical Union, Centennial Plenary Session, 'The greatest achievements in earthquake science in the past century'


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