"When I first heard Ross speak, I was impressed with the very simple demonstrations of complicated geology and physics principles relating to earthquakes. Ross has a wonderful talent for explaining things for everyone in the audience – engineer or novice. As a program chair for an audience of 700 “type A” gentlemen, I knew his presentation would hold their interest. We were so pleased with his talk to the men in our group that we invited him back for a reprise at which our ladies were invited."

— Duncan Beardsley, Speakers scout and host for a private club 


Speaker rating according to a 2016 MPSF Survey.

2016 MPSF speaker survey

Selected comments from the four talks (8,000 attendees in Marin, Oakland, San Mateo).


This was an enthralling evening. More like this in the following season, please.

Rarely do you find such a great speaker, who is knowledgeable, humorous and so informative at the same time. Could have listened to Ross for another hour and a half.

Such an intelligent and fascinating man, giving a practical and essential message in a way that everyone could understand.

 Loved his props. He is definitely a master speaker. An excellent teacher.

Now there was a great presentation. Informative, well presented with interest, enthusiasm and humor. His props and ease of explanation encourages even non scientists to be completely engaged. Well done!

We really love this type of speaker — feel like we’ve learned something valuable.

Best so far this year. Ross was well prepared but not over-rehearsed.

He spoke with so much humor and personality that I was able to stay engaged the entire time.

Topic was interesting from a scientific point of view and the high relevance made this presentation one of the best. And speaker was terrific. 

One of our all time favorites!!! Entertaining, informative, and highly valuable to all of us.

 Great way to gain special knowledge and understanding.

 One can only describe complicated ideas simply when one has a deep and clear understanding.

Fascinating new information by a superb and knowledgeable speaker. Kudos!

 Couldn't believe it!! I was prepared to sleep through the whole presentation. Instead I found myself fascinated by a subject I have given little thought to, presented by a person of extreme intelligence in an entertaining and captivating manner. Couldn't wait to get home and look up temblor.net.

The inclusion of graphics, lots of explanation about a complex, but relevant subject and some humor was GREAT! When he zeroed in on our responsibility to pay attention to building construction, especially our own abodes, he hit the nail on the head!

I actually understood what he was saying.

It was fantastic to hear the reality about where I live.

The most valuable talk of the year!

Made a deep, scary topic fascinating.

Masterful delivery!

Excellent. Among my top three favorite speakers in the last 10 years.

If only all, or even 70%, of the speakers were as good as Ross Stein!

Oh, when the talk is so good, what is there to do about memory when white-haired and can’t take notes, and no way for audio replay.

Please try to find more speakers of Dr. Stein's caliber.